Grilled romaine

Grilled romaine

One particular of the wonderful items about becoming a food blogger is that it compels you to be somewhat adventurous in your foods.

If you had told me a few years ago that I would not only be happily eating grilled romaine lettuce, but encouraging other people to do the same, I would have considered you had been nuts.

Why in the planet would any individual want to grill lettuce? Lettuce just isn’t element of the grilling food group individuals! You know, burgers, ribs, beer can chicken.

Grilled lettuce? Why that’s just… just pretentious, that’s what.

Well the joke’s on me, and any individual who loves salad and also loves grilled items, but hasn’t tried to put them together. Lettuce is a vegetable, or at least we eat it like a single. We do grill vegetables. They are great.

It stands to cause that the vegetable we contact lettuce, if endowed with ample structure, which romaine has, would also be great grilled. And it is!

That mentioned, as much as I like it, my mom likes it, and my buddies like it, you might not. But I do inspire you to attempt it, specifically if you have some romaine hearts about.

When you’re completed with the grilling, you can both serve them entire (one particular romaine heart per person), or slice them crosswise, and toss them in a bowl for a grilled salad.

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