Mushy peas

Mushy peas

Traditional british dishes up to date for the modern American cook.

To many of us, the idea of serving any vegetable mushy conjures up photographs of sad canned string beans and overcooked carrots. Mushy peas are miles away from each of these dishes—peas are cooked merely with butter, then mashed and seasoned with lemon, salt and pepper. The outcome is a basic vibrant side dish that comes collectively in no time at all, and adds vivid colour and light flavors to any plate.

Typically, mushy peas are made with marrowfat peas, which are mature peas left to dry outside in the field. These days, it truly is easier to discover a bag of frozen peas to make this classic dish. Mushy peas are a generally identified as a side for fish and chips, and if you happen to be heading that way, there’s practically nothing very like a chunk of battered fish dipped in warm mushy peas. But in the spirit of British ingenuity, this basic side can be adapted into a heap of other dishes. Mixed with a couple of drizzles of cream, it becomes a fantastic sauce for some pasta it makes a great filling for omelets and can make a wonderful just before-supper nibble spread on some toast and topped with some slivered ham.

  • Yield: Serves 4
  • Active time: 15 minutes
  • Total time: 15 minutes
  • Rated: two


  • 1 pound frozen peas
  • two tablespoons butter, div >


Spot peas, 1 tablespoon butter and water in a modest saucepan above medium high heat. Cook, stirring often, until peas are thawed and soft and butter is melted, about 15 minutes. Eliminate from heat and mash peas with a potato masher or wooden spoon right up until wanted consistency is reached.

Add lemon juice and remaining butter and combine right up until butter is integrated. Season to taste with salt and pepper incorporating optional herbs if using.

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